Interior Design Trends for 2016

Pottery Barn Shibori PillowsWith the new year beginning, multiple sources bring the interior design trends for 2016.  Our homes become our sanctuary from the fast pace of the modern world. Calming colors, natural textures and simplicity reign, defining the need to decompress; adding serenity to both home and office spaces today.

  • Pantone’s color forecast of Rose Quartz, Powder Blue Serenity and softer pastels, is “a commentary on the societal movements toward gender equality”.
  • Sherwin Williams color of the year, Alabaster, is symbolic of “new beginnings, moving from cold greys to warm stone.”
  • Benjamin Moore’s Simply White adds harmony and light to any space and defines color and shape.
  • Valspar’s Comfort Zone, a tranquil blue, is “an antidote to a fast-paced lifestyle and will balance mind, body and spirit.”  That being said, blues including Indigo, Denim and Cobalt continue to dominate as an interior design trend for 2016 and can be seen in fabrics, rugs and furnishings.
  • Fabric and rugs continue to have trellis, fretwork and scroll work designs, as well as tribal and eastern influences seen in ikat patterns.
Duralee Trellis Collection Denim

Duralee Trellis Collection Denim

Lush Wave_Batik Blue

Lush Wave Batik Blue

  • Warm metals including rose gold, brass gold and especially copper will be big this year in kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings.
  • Zillow’s predictions of geometric and honeycomb shapes inspired by Art Deco can be seen in lighting and accessories.
  • 1970’s inspired furnishings with bold geometric patterns, reflective metals and walnut finishes can be found in the Lenny Kravitz collection by CB2.
bousaf-side-table by Lenny Kravitz for CB2

Bousaf-side-table by Lenny Kravitz for CB2

mackbarstoolOC15 by Lenny Kravitz for CB2

Mack Barstool by Lenny Kravitz for CB2

changes-rug by Lenny Kravitz for CB2

Changes Rug by Lenny Kravitz for CB2

Massoud Furniture Fur Chair

Massoud Furniture Fur Chair

  • Faux fur and long haired fur incorporated into furnishings, accessories and rugs remains an interior design trend for 2016 lending itself to the Bohemian style found in many of today’s interiors.
Massoud Furniture Zebra Ottoman

Massoud Furniture Zebra Ottoman

  • Textured and nubby wool rugs of natural fibers in neutral tones create harmony especially in a contemporary setting.
  • The mixing of materials, dark and light wood finishes, can make a space feel more interesting.  Contemporary and traditional elements create an eclectic, more individual  style.  Global artisan and one-of-kind pieces that tell a story can be added for more personal style and support the independent artist as well.
Etsy African Maternity figure

Etsy African Maternity figure

Global Views Brass Pelican

Global Views Brass Pelican

  • One of my favorite interior design trends for 2016 is the rustic industrial style utilizing salvaged wood and salvaged wood products.  With the ongoing movement towards recycling for a more sustainable world, these types of furnishings add texture and depth bringing the outside in.  This style works particularly well in both contemporary residential and office spaces.  I  found a product in this category which I found really ingenious.  It is called Stikwood which is 3/16″ thick reclaimed wood planks which use adhesive to mount to the wall.  Just go to: to find out about this amazing product.  Their peel and stick method is easy to install and can be used in commercial or residential interiors.
Etsy Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Etsy Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

  • Another great idea utilizing reclaimed wood was when I recently went to a restaurant restroom.  How cool is this paper towel holder?
Reclaimed Wood Paper Towel Holder - Tapas Restaurant

Reclaimed Wood Paper Towel Holder – Tapas Restaurant

  • Another interior design trend for 2016 is the mix of materials and finishes in the work place making it feel more like home.  Furniture pieces can crossover from office to home much like West Elm’s new office division called Workspace with Inscape, a designer and manufacterer of office furniture.
West Elm Hamilton Sofa

West Elm Hamilton Sofa

West Elm Saddle Chair

West Elm Saddle Chair

West Elm Victor Armchair

West Elm Victor Armchair

  • Height adjustable desks in the workplace continue to be an interior design trend for 2016 adding flexibility for the employee.  Many manufacturers of office furniture at Neocon this fall were displaying their version of adjustable height desks.
West Elm Electric Height Adjustable Desk

West Elm Electric Height Adjustable Desk

  • Another trend which is here to stay and that is furniture which incorporates a charging station for a laptop, or mobile device.  This can be seen mostly in office furniture and some residential as well.

As the world continues to change socially, environmentally and technologically, the design industry brings new trends as a voice for this life we live in.



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