Eye Catching Entrances with Plants

An entrance creates a first impression and sets the stage and style for your home or office.  Why not enhance your entrance with identical pots of flowers displayed on either side of the door?  Match the color of the pots with that of the front door or shutters for cohesion.   If you want the plants to stand out more, match the color of the pot with the house.  Plants can bring the outside in by making a space feel healthier and more connected with nature.

A tall plant in front of glass can soften the monotony of lots of rectangular shapes, such as windows, hard architectural surfaces and pavement.  They can also add height and soften the look of an empty corner.

An adornment of colorful flowers at your entrance invites people in.  Try using a similar theme in color when using multiple plantings outside your home.  Window boxes with seasonal plants or flowers are another way to add curb appeal.

If an interior entry space does not allow enough daylight, consider using a beautiful faux arrangement with silk flowers.

Whatever you want to convey about your home or business, say it with plants or flowers in an artistic way and you cannot go wrong.

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