Maya Romanoff, Innovator of Wallcovering and Surface Materials

Artist, inventor and designer, Maya Romanoff, recently passed away in January after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.  He established his Chicago-based company, Maya Romanoff Corporation in 1969.  He was inspired by art, travel and life and had an affinity for organic beauty.  Though he started his career producing fabrics, he transitioned into creating beautiful wallcoverings and surface materials.

"Java Jute"
“Java Jute”
PRSfield4 Moon Lake
“Moon Lake”

He strived to create depth and innovation in his wallcoverings incorporating tactile materials such as glass beads, seashells, gold leaf and stitching.  His goal was to change the environment and change the way we look at the world.  His vision was to “combine ancient artistic techniques with modern design aesthetics and a respect for nature”.

His wallcoverings can be viewed at  Particular favorites of mine are “Moon Lake”, “Java Jute” and “Weathered Metals”.  There are a few patterns available for commercial use and all are suitable for residential spaces.