Natural Objects as a Decorative Element

Recently, I strolled into a Starbucks while on vacation at the Jersey shore.  What caught my eye was a simple but dynamite wall treatment above a seating area.  An assemblage of stacking branches of the same length and approximate diameter placed horizontally on the wall created a striking and effective focal point for the room.

minimalist bathroom with fashion bathtub on concrete floor
Geo Decor Fossil Mural in minimalist bathroom
image16.jpg geo decor fossil display
Fossil Display by Geo Decor
  • If you love green, try placing large leaves of different color variations and texture into a bit of water in clear glass, cylindrical vases of varied heights.  This makes a beautiful tabletop display.
  • Once I collaborated on a large party and we used sawed off birch logs as candle holders.  It was dramatic and quite beautiful.
  • A simple wood stool made from a log can make a design statement in most any space.
  • A natural fossil mural can be an interesting focal point in a contemporary residential or commercial setting.  Fossils are also an interesting display on shelving when lit properly.  For some creative fossil products go to:
  • Natural objects can be a way of personalizing a space.  When our family travels to the coast of Maine, we collect rocks.  I display them on my coffee table in the living room as I find them beautiful and they bring back wonderful memories.

I am intrigued by nature and all that it has to offer.  Bringing the outside in brings the unusual and a sense of peace to any environment.

Starbucks wall display
modern-interior-decorating-ideas-natural-materials-eco-homes-4.jpg log wall display
Wall decoration using log pieces caught my eye!
101577063.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg leaf display in cylindrical vases
Table Display using leaves
101732691.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg Log as end table in bath
This designer used a log stool to create a design statement against the white finishes of this bathroom
My living room using rocks as a display