“Stephanie Marin’s Living Stones,” Contemporary Soft Seating

This whimsical line of soft seating reminds me of the rocks and pebbles we collect along the coast of Maine.  What a fun way to introduce nature into your home or make a statement in a lobby.  I love the earthy look and texture of wool.

  • “Modular, practical and poetic, Livingstones are a high quality, surrealistic set of soft furnishings, practical as a floor cushion. An original design from Smarin, the oversized pebbles can be used to create a resting area with varying sizes and shapes that can be arranged according to your mood. Objects designed for contemporary living spaces, Livingstones create a fanciful landscape that transform the domestic interior, ideal at evoking the sense of a permanent vacation.”  Go to www.poliform.com for more information.
  • “Walk into a room filled with Stephanie Marin’s Living Stones and you will feel as if you walked right into the path of several gigantic boulders. However, don’t be confused for these are not actually boulders but large poufs of wool that have been given the shape and color of these massive stones. Available in several sizes and shapes, these comfy boulders aka pebbles can be used as footstools, loungers and pillows, etc.”  (Designbuzz Post:  May 14, 2015)
Stephanie Marin’s Living Stones