The Open Office Landscape of Today

With the world of changing technology in the workplace, comes the changing physical landscape of today’s office.  More and more, offices are redefining the most effective way to motivate, create and collaborate.

Employees, many of the younger generation, are driving this change. They want a sense of place and independence, similar to the comforts they find at home.  Soft modular seating offers flexibility to brainstorm and collaborate.  A desk that adjusts in height is a popular trend that can accommodate someone sitting or standing.  Open desks with small conference areas that can offer privacy for two or three people.  Many offices are doing away with the 72” high cubicle and opting for more open and flexible spaces.  This could be seen at a recent office furniture trade show I attended.

  • Herman Miller’s, Living Office, is an example of an office landscape fostering a sense of community and options.
  • Steelcase’s Frame One or Montage system offers customizable options with stackable and destackable frames for easy workflow.  Go to for more information.
  •  Another product I found interesting embracing this new idea of mobility in the workplace is called LOFTwall.  It is a room divider screen system with modular interchangeable panels with a recycled aluminum frame.  There are endless possibilities with this mobile system of dividing space in the office environment.  Go to for more information.

Today’s office is embracing the ever changing technology in our society offering more mobile solutions for the workplace.


LOFTwall divider screen "Web"
LOFTwall divider screen “Web”
LOFTwall divider screen "Wave"
LOFTwall divider screen “Wave”

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