Torzo, An Eco-Friendly Surface Material

With the 2014 trend for wood or wood like appearances in flooring, comes a new and exciting product called Torzo.  Torzo is made from recycled wood and raw materials infused with acrylic producing a hard and durable surface used as flooring, wall panels and countertops.  Because of its sustainability, it can contribute towards LEED certified points on a project.

My favorite product is Tikeri, a surface made from hemp, wheat and wood with strands of sorghum, giving a tiger-like stripe effect.  It is bold, exotic and available in vibrant colors.  It has been used in flooring, reception desks and wall panels making a bold statement in many large commercial spaces.

Orient, is another great product made from recycled wood chips used as flooring.  It is available in 5″ wide planks or tiles and available in several colors.

With the need to be more green-conscious and the search for eco-friendly products, Torzo is a logical, aesthetically pleasing and durable building material.  For more information go to: